Eat Local Week

September 10-17, 2016

EAT LOCAL WEEKEat Local Week celebrates the regional harvest, promotes local agriculture and the preservation of Utah’s agricultural heritage, and brings people together as a community. Through a series of activities and events, Eat Local Week educates the community about resources for eating locally, and increases awareness around food production, transportation, and access to healthy food.

Join us at the various events taking place, pledge to be a part of the challenge, and join the conversation with your community!

Visit the Eat Local Week website:


The Challenge is simple, eat as local as you can. The standard challenge is only eating food that comes from within a 250 mile radius. Not ready for that? Come up with a challenge that works for you! Choose a couple of food groups to get locally and stay true to them. Be creative, challenge yourself, and have fun!

Take the Local Pledge here and join the conversation with other pledgers on our Facebook page "Eat Local Week Utah."

Need more ideas for eating locally? Check out

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And with the help of our community:

Local First Utah - People's Market Rico Market - Salt Lake Magazine - Utah Film Center - Utah's Own - Wasatch Cooperative Market