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Utah's Farmers Markets

Utah Building Farmers Program

The Utah Building Farmers program builds agricultural community and capacity through classroom and experiential learning. The Direct Market Track is a series of three classes designed to help both newer and experienced farmers refine and enhance their business development, management and marketing skills to succeed in direct market outlets, such as farmers' markets, roadside stands, CSAs and restaurants.

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USDA Renewable Energy Program

Utah farmers and business owners have received more than $10 million in grants through the use of the USDA's Renewable Energy Program to build renewable systems. Recipients have financed wind turbines, solar panels, and other types of biomass systems.

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USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

The NRCS of the USDA offers a variety of programs to producers and landowners interested in conservation. Some programs offer annual conservation payments; others offer payments for long-term contracts and conservation easements. Whether through an agreement or easement purchase, all programs include federal funds to assist with or offset costs of conservation practices and activities.

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USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) Farm Programs

FSA offers farmers and ranchers agriculture loans at low interest rates and extended repayment terms, individual financial planning and expertise, finacial products and services and experienced loan officers. Types of farm loans include farm real estate, farm operating, emergency farm loans and rural youth loans.

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USDA - NASS Census of Agriculture

The census is an important vehicle for farmers to have their voices heard and help determine the next steps for many of USDA's programs.

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Market, Product, and Liability Insurance

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The Women's Business Center

The Women's Business Center provides entrepreneurs, young professionals and small business owners with the critical skills, knowledge, tools and support necessary to increase their success and positively impact the economy.

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Microenterprise Loan Fund

Whether a small business is a sole source of income or a crucial supplement, Utah microenterprise loans help provide the necessary capital to put individuals and families on the road to greater self-sufficiency.

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Growing for Market

Growing for Market is America's most respected trade publication for local food producers. GFM keeps you informed about the business of growing and selling vegetables, fruits, cut flowers, plants, herbs, and other food products. If you are market gardening or farming, whatever your scale, we guarantee you'll find valuable information that will help make your business more profitable and enjoyable.

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Food Hub

Food Hub gathers professional food buyers, wholesale producers, distributors and industry suppliers in one dynamic community. It's social media for food-folks. Started in Oregon, Food Hub has already grown throughout the western states and continues to go viral.

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